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Suwannee River Log Homes is a Florida  Cypress Log Home Company, specializing in cypress log homes and cabins.
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Log Home Builders Building the Future
  From Florida Log Homes & Original Log Cabin Homes to Luxury Log Homes. From Timber Frames and Hybrids to Lodges including Commercial Storefronts. True Heritage Log Homes. Whatever your dream is, we’ll build it for you.  Log Home Additions, Log Repair, Log Home Staining, Cleaning, Chinking and more,

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Find out what the other log home companies don't want you to know about Cypress Log Homes

On Time, Every Time

Suwannee River is a Full Service Cypress Log Homes Florida Company
  We are open for business and one of the only log home companies in our industry that will handle engineering, custom design, manufacturing of materials and assistance with dry-In building to complete turnkeys. Number #1 Cypress Log Home and Log Cabin Kit Company in Florida, servicing the entire State of Florida.
Original Cypress Log Cabin Homes
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We challenge you to see for yourself why our products and service can provide peace of mind for generations to come.
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  We work to meet  your building schedules. We guarantee quality in all our product and, most importantly, timely results.
Our  Cypress Log Homes Price Guarantee

"We will beat any price apples to apples" including cheap pine.

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The Best, In Log Homes
Suwannee River is a Florida Log Homes Supplier

Specializing in custom Cypress log homes. We supply North Carolina Log Homes, Tennessee Log Homes, South Carolina and Georgia Log Homes. From southland log homes to the west coast, complete service nationwide.
Find out why our Cypress Log Home product and design is the best in the
Log home Industry
Suwannee River Log Homes is proud to be a True Green Cypress Log Home Company
Unlike our competitors who use Pines and Cedars, Cypress trees that are harvested do not require replanting. They are self-generating and multiply by feeding off the existing well established parent tree's root system producing many saplings naturally.
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We build and sell the Original Log Cabins Florida Log Homes. We offer the finest, Log Houses for sale in the State of Florida and Georgia
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A new way to buy
just Cypress materials for the DIY at a fraction of the competitors cost
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This page was last updated: December 8, 2018
A new way to buy Heart-Cut Cypress Logs, Cypress Log Cabin Kits and Cypress Log Home materials for the DIY at a
fraction of the competitors cost.
This page was last updated: December 8, 2018
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Permi-Chink Systems (PCS) Trained and Certified
Log Home Staining Services 866-922-7754
Log Home Chinking Services 866-922-7754
We Fix Log Homes
Log Home Staining, Log Home Chinking, Repair Water & Air Leaks, Rotten Log Replacement, Structural Repair, Log Home Restoration or New Additions to Existing Log Homes.
Let us take your log home back to better than new condition and decrease your electric bills with Energy Sealing. We'll fix all your trim at no extra charge.
We're an active Florida Company Listed By "Division of Corporations" The Best Log Homes in Florida
Our speciality is Florida
Cypress Log Homes