Pricing of Log Homes and Price List
In an attempt to better serve our customers and to provide the lowest accurate cost, we at Suwannee River are no longer publishing a price list.

We have long questioned the methods of our industry when it comes to pricing and we choose to supply our customers with real total cost numbers backed up in writing, based on the needs and requirements of each home.

We believe it is our moral duty not to act as our competitors and make the customer responsible for building their own budget. It is a proven fact that 98% of all customers in our industry will exceed there starting intended budget by as much as 40%.

That's taking a home that you as a customer thought would finish at $300,000 and really as the dust settles it completes at a whopping $420,000. How's that as an eye opener? Can you afford this to happen to you? The sad part is that the customer is generally so far into the project by the time they realize there's a problem, that there's no turning back.

We at Suwannee are happy to sit down and meet with you. And generally within 30 to 40 minutes can help you create a comprehensive budget based on your requirements, location, building Dept.requirements, permits, land and foundation.

Call me anytime to schedule a meeting, also we are happy to meet at your location or at the proposed building site.

Bill Mathews
386-697-1357 Cell

Our Price Guarantee
"We will beat any prices apples
to apples" Including Pine

Must have written current signed estimate and or contract from competitor
Here's the bottom line. If we can give you a premium wood, the best wood money can buy for the same cost as a cheap product like Pine with little to no maintenance. What are you waiting for? Now you have a no brainier decision.
This page was last updated: March 22, 2018