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Suwannee River Log Homes Survives The Hurricane
Feature Story

Hurricane Hits Log Home, Featured in Country’s Best Log Homes

"Country's Best Log Home Jan. 2006"

Discover how a Suwannee River Log Home in Franklin, North Carolina weathered a direct hit from hurricane Ivan and being engulfed by the Little Tennessee River.

Ray & Deanie Gunder were rescued by boat as they watched trees, debris & high water batter their dream log home.

Once Was Not Enough - Doing It Again!

By Deanie Gunder

Cypress log home By Bill Mathews of Florida

Our life changed forever the day we walked into Suwannee River Log Homes showroom and met Bill Mathews.

We choose the Silverado Deluxe package and with Bill’s help customized the plan into our beautiful dream home.

The small town of Franklin, NC. had not seen cypress log homes – pine logs being the norm. While building we found ourselves having to have open house just about every Sunday for the locals that came by to see our house.

From the beginning, the beauty of the cypress logs, the professional and quality craftsmanship of the stackers and building, to the finishing inside- locals and other buildings came by asking questions and marveling at our home.

6 weeks before our logs were to be delivered we found ourselves without the general contractor we’d hired to built our home.

With Bill’s help – educating me on finding & hiring our sub-contractors, even calling and talking to them himself, to encouraging and supporting me emotionally- I became the GC. Then came the Hurricane & flood….less than 2 years old our home was flooded, 4′ of flooding water came into our home. Suwannee and Bill were once again immediately there for us. Sending engineers to inspect our home for constructional damage, shifting etc. and unbelievable to all – our home stayed intact!

Cypress logs and Suwannee River Log Homes is the only log home company in our book and urge anyone looking to call Bill Mathews ! As we have done again. Unable to get away from our business, Bill drove 3 hours to meet us and once again his patience, professionalism, and friendship helped us pick out 2 more log homes and I – well, I look forward to once again with his and Suwannee’s help, becoming a General Contractor Again!

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