Shamrock Log Home Construction Day 50 - 79

Day 50-51

October 27th, Wednesday

Day 50 – Met with owners and ok’d rail and picket design. The Crew installed cypress fascia and working on handrails and pickets. Electricians onsite completed approx. 85% of rough-in. Metal roof crew onsite installing Galvalume 26 gauge metal roofing. Owner’s picked out knotty pine 6-panel interior doors with clear coat.

October 28th, Thursday

Day 51 – Crew working on handrails/pickets and roof to log transition. Plumber onsite getting pipes ready for rough-in inspection tomorrow. Metal roof crew approx. 70% complete. Met with owner’s and viewed stonework at another jobsite under construction. Ok’d style and design and released stone subcontractor to start next week.esham

Day 51
Day 51

Day 51-57

October 29th, Friday
Day 51 – Crew working on log wall to roof transition, framing and siding. Electricians onsite. Metal roof crew onsite installing Galvalume 26 gauge metal roofing. Plumbers onsite.

Building department onsite for Framing, Electric, HVAC inspections and all were passed and signed off.

Gas company contractors onsite to go over scope of work. Cabinet contractor onsite double checking finished framing wall measurements and coordinating under cabinet lights and electric for range hood/microwave with the electrician.

October 30th, Saturday

Day 52 – Crew working on the roof to log transition, flashing and trim out of exterior doors and windows, bay window siding and fireplace cutout. Electricians onsite finished all work until trim out. Owner’s onsite requested 4 double motion detector lights, one per corner and to add one extra smoke detector to great room. Extra work completed. Owner’s changed mind on Wood Floor, canceled order and gave measurement sf. to owners to order new product. Fireplace contractor onsite and installed insert unit.

October 31st, Sunday

Day 53 – Stone crew onsite working.

November 1st, Monday

Day 54 – Crew finishing misc. items. Stone crew onsite working.

November 2nd, Tuesday

Day 55 – Crew finishing misc. items. Fireplace contractor onsite installing gas line connection. Stone crew onsite working and completed their scope of work. Metal roof crew back and finished bay window and completed their scope of work.

November 3nd, Wednesday

Day 56 – “Crew finished, Dry-in Complete”. Insulation contractor onsite, drywall materials delivered.

November 4nd, Thursday

Day 57 – Insulation contractors onsite and completed interior insulation including the fire caulking. Delivered country sink and viewed kitchen cabinets at the cabinet shop. Drywall contractor onsite.

Day 57
Day 57
Day 57

Day 58-59

November 5th, Friday
Day 58 – Insulation contractors onsite and completed clean-up. Drywall contractors onsite hanging drywall.

November 6th, Saturday
Day 59 – Drywall contractors onsite taping joints.

Day 58
Day 58
Day 59
Day 59
Day 59

Day 60-65

November 6th, Sunday
Day 60 – Drywall contractors onsite hanging drywall.

November 7th, Monday
Day 61 – No Work, Dry wall mud drying slow due to cold weather

November 8th, Tuesday
Day 62 – Drywall crew finished second coat. Building Department Inspector onsite approx. 10:30, inspected and signed off on fire caulking, insulation and drywall.

November 9th, Wednesday
Day 63 – Drywall crew unable to work, mud curing slow due to cold weather. Painters onsite doing prep work.

November 10th, Thursday
Day 64 – Crew onsite applying texture to interior walls. Inspected and ok’d by owner. Texture complete. Fireplace contractor onsite installed chimney cap, fireplace complete.

November 11th, Friday
Day 65 – No Work, moved painters to Monday at owners request to allow more time to choose colors.

Day 64
Day 64
Day 64

Day 66

November 12th, Saturday
Day 66 – Electricians onsite running underground electric.

Day 66
Day 66

Day 67-68

November 13th, Sunday
Day 67 – No Work

November 14th, Monday
Day 68 – Painters onsite priming walls

Day 68

Day 69-71

November 15th, Tuesday
Day 69 – Painters onsite interior wood coatings.

November 16th, Wednesday
Day 70 – Painters onsite applying interior wall paint.

November 17th, Thursday
Day 71 – Painters cleaning the exterior of home with Perma-Chink Log Wash followed by a light pressure washing . Propane company onsite installing underground 250-gallon tank and all feed lines, on-demand tankless water heater and pressure tested lines. Cabinet makers onsite installing hickory cabinets.

Day 71
Day 71
Day 71

Day 72-74

November 18th, Friday
Day 72 – Painters staining exterior of home with 2 coat application of Perma-Chink Lifeline Ultra II Bronze & 1 coat Lifeline Advance Satin. Cabinet makers completed installation of all cabinets and vanities.

November 19th, Saturday
Day 73 – Painters continuing to work on the exterior staining. Meeting onsite with owners hardwood supplier/installer and the owner. The owner did not like any samples and is awaiting more.

November 20th, Sunday
Day 74 – No Work

Day 72
Day 72

Day 75

November 21st, Monday
Day 75 – Painters clear coating exterior of the home with 1 coat Lifeline Advance. Painters finished until the touch-up of trim.

Septic System contractor onsite, completed septic and drain field installation.

Electrician onsite

Finish carpenters onsite installing interior wall 1″x 6″ T&G and building exterior steps.

Day 75
Day 75
Day 75
Day 75
Day 75

Day 76

November 22nd, Tuesday

Day 76 – Finish grade contractor onsite spreading clean fill dirt around the home to slope water away from home and grading under porches. Completed scope of work.

Electricians onsite- trim out and hanging fixtures.

Finish carpenters onsite installing interior wall 1″x 6″ T&G and building exterior steps.

HVAC contractor onsite- set outside unit and completed scope of work until start-up.

Plumber onsite- Septic tank tie-in, water line tie-in. Ready for Health Dept. inspection. 

Day 76
Day 76
Day 76
Day 76
Day 76
Day 76
Day 76

Day 77-79

November 24nd, Wednesday
Day 77 – Electricians onsite- trim out and hanging fixtures.

Finish carpenters onsite installing interior wall 1″x 6″ T&G and building exterior stairs.

Change order- poured two 8ft.x10ft. stairs landing pads approx. 3 yds concrete with fiber.

November 25nd, Thursday
Day 78 – No Work, Thanksgiving

November 26nd, Friday
Day 79 – Finish carpenters onsite installing interior wall 1″x 6″ T&G, wall log to roof transition and building exterior stairs.

Day 79
Day 79